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VOOM HDTV wanted to re-brand one of its channels, formerly called Moov, to re-position the channel to bring attention to VOOM satellite offerings overall. To create significant buzz among the influencer group, Articulate created a LAB branded DVD to demonstrate experimental programs being developed in collaboration with the creative community. We also created a
LAB installation at the DDC furnishings store, NYC using plasma screens and walls, and a Gallery HD gift bag for the Art Basel show.




Articulate interviewed girls ages
9-12 and their moms, discovering a key insight – they are no longer into Barbie dolls – they are self-aware and interested in their identity and personal development. We came up with a strategy to celebrate being a girl, enjoy the essence of what it means to be a girl, while at
the same time moving the brand away from the doll.






Freebording is a cross between snowboarding and skateboarding.
The middle wheels guide the board during carving and act as brakes during sliding. Articulate developed the Freeboard marketing strategy based on ‘freedom’ for young males who wanted to snowboard all year round, and developed several marketing initiatives and messaging focused on ‘freedom.’




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