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The winners of the CFDA Lexus Hybrid Living Eco Fashion Challenge--Monique Péan, Costello Tagliapietra and Maria Cornejo--were awarded $25,000 apiece at an event held at Skylight West in NY. Lexus and the CFDA created the Challenge to increase sustainable practices in the fashion industry, by recognizing leaders in eco design. The evening event featured a gallery style display of the ten designer finalists’ submissions and sustainable furnishings from Uhuru. Cleaver Co. provided eco catering.






Eco artists celebrate the natural world in diverse and exciting ways, from Jefre installations that re-create natural world from cut birch trees and recycled tumbled glass, to the artfully-tended terrariums of Paula Hayes.






From eco-centric skyscrapers to cozy, conscientious homes, green building is more popular, accessible and design-friendly than ever before. Sustainable architects like Michelle Kaufmann, LivingHomes, Marmol-Radziner and Resolution 4 work to create healthy, eco-savvy homes.





food and wine

Hormone-free meat, sustainably-caught fish, biodynamic wine; there’s an important new vocabulary redefining food and drink. Our extensive community of eco cuisine partners, including local foods advocate Peter Hoffman and sustainably-produced beverages purveyor Sambazon, combine sustainable fare with stylish environs.






We’ve sought out designers, manufacturers and retailers who share a passion for healthy, eco furnishings in every room. Interior designers such as Kenneth Cobonpue, Q Collection, Kelly LaPlante Organic Interior Design and Peter Danko share a passion for eco furnishings in every room.





health and beauty

Eco health and beauty products such as Pangea Organics offer refreshing alternatives to an industry full of over-blown promises and unchecked marketing claims. At eco spas, marine extracts, minerals, amino acids, vitamins, botanicals, organic tea and even formaldehyde free nail care combine to offer beauty treatments that infuse your body with pure, natural elements.






Eco-friendly accessories encompass chic bamboo wares of bambu and luxurious, 100% organic cotton linens crafted by Coyuchi. From the community-oriented green scene of Phoenix’s a.k.a. Green to the urban chic offerings of Seattle’s One Earth One Design and many others, discover an industry committed to happy and healthy surroundings.







Hotels are greening thousands of rooms with compact fluorescent light bulbs, low flow showerheads and faucets, and note cards that enable guests to ‘opt out’ of daily towel and sheet replacement. Playa Viva, a hotel and spa on Mexico’s western coast, demonstrates ‘regenerative design’ by contributing to healthier water, soil and air that benefits surrounding communities; maintaining a turtle sanctuary;
and offering world-class local and organic cuisine.





In 2005 Lexus introduced the
RX 400h, the first luxury hybrid vehicle, advancing the concept of sustainability. Today, Lexus is the leader in luxury hybrids with three models of hybrids available and currently on the road: the all-new
RX 450h, GS 450h and LS 600h L. In 2009, Lexus introduces the HS 250h, a dedicated hybrid, built from the ground up for sustainability.




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