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“Articulate Design is a Brand Design Firm that designs and creates mobile, social media and sustainable brand programs.” -- Kevin George


headline news rebrand for cnn *

We created a Diverse Identity System, with the ability to represent diverse programming, points of views, personalities, platforms (TV, web, mobile), and viewers. We designed a mark that works with existing network graphics and are looking forward to future phases. *Work performed by Kevin George with Digital Kitchen.


toyota scion
brand campaign *

Scion launched into the trend setting California market with the “Scion by” campaign which featured a series of diverse ads, each one featuring a unique creative individual’s interpretation of what a Scion means to them. Each ad reaches the target through sophisticated imagery that is non-traditional in execution and is signed by the tag line “What moves you”. * Work performed by Kevin George at the Attik.



toyota scion
brand positioning *

Rather than try to show them what’s cool, the Scion branding program avoided a heavy-handed corporate pitch by echoing back the youth lifestyle. Our goal was to create a brand that had credibility with the youth market. * Work performed by Kevin George at the Attik.



lexus hybrid living

Articulate developed a comprehensive branded eco marketing platform for Lexus hybrid vehicles. The branding platform includes online (, social media, experiential events, video and print media to inspire, educate and help consumers experience the luxury eco design lifestyle that Lexus hybrid vehicles represent.



cfda eco fashion challenge

Articulate combined Lexus and the Council of Fashion Designers of America and created the Eco Fashion Challenge to increase sustainable practices in the fashion industry, by recognizing leaders in eco design with the intent of raising awareness and sowing seeds of sustainability within the fashion industry






oz *

Oz is a mixed-use urban district just west of Ft. Lauderdale; a place to live, work, and entertain that is rooted in sustainability and rich with economic, cultural and social impact. Articulate refined the message commune with nature' with a distinct voice with character 'take-pride in our community and planet', attitude 'time-out' and tone ' a new kind of urbanism that recaptures the true essence of neighborhood'. *Work performed by Kevin George with Digital Kitchen.




Articulate developed a brand positioning for the eco architecture firm Marmol Radziner PreFab (MRP) 'Sanctuary Delivered,' meaning 'MRP delivers (design and build) homes for people to live in their own sanctuary through the rituals of nature, safety, nourishment, serenity, happiness, comfort and connected living.'




Articulate Design was engaged by Earth Shift Expo ’07 to study the feasibility of the largest eco-festival centered around the Grand Prix series of motor Racing. The goals: create an eco strategy platform for Grand Prix, national and local media, clean tech and consumer product/service companies; elevate visibility of Jackson Street Entertainment district; and expand Earth Shift into a series of events for Grand Prix races in ’08.




The Michelle Kaufmann Design /Lexus Hybrid Living ecoSalon is a series of discussions with eco visionaries hosted by San Francisco Bay Area-based eco architect Michelle Kaufmann. The first Michelle Kaufmann Design /Lexus Hybrid Living ecoSalon on April 21, in honor of Earth Day, welcomed New York Times columnist and Sunset Magazine editor-at-large, Allison Arieff, to lead a discussion around the question, “What is community?”



toyota prius

The concept for the global launch of the Prius Plug-In was ‘Smarter Future Visionaries’ – to associate the Prius Plug In with Future Visionaries – leaders who are looking for sustainable solutions for cities, transportation, energy and architecture.


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