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Articulate developed a comprehensive branded eco marketing platform for Lexus hybrid vehicles. The branding platform includes online (, social media, experiential events, video and print media to inspire, educate and help consumers experience the luxury eco design lifestyle that Lexus hybrid vehicles represent.





lexus hybrid living
brand narrative

Lexus Hybrid Living presents the brand narrative: “Aspire to a sustainable lifestyle through Lexus Hybrid Living, offering eco luxury indulgences you desire.” Leaders in sustainability are profiled in Fashion, Design/Technology, Visionary and Epicurean categories. The goal is “A Million Shades of Green” - a million fans sharing their Aspire and Desire eco expressions through events, online contests and social media.



lexus hybrid living brand expressions

Articulate creates sustainable brand expressions that allow visitors to experience events, social media, online challenges and web sites with rich photo and video content. Visitors can also share their personal eco expressions online.





lexus hybrid living brand experience

Lexus Hybrid Living showcases a full array of eco luxury indulgences from visionaries in design, fashion, technology, cuisine, and architecture. Articulate has created a full brand experience, encompassing a 
website that is fully integrated with social media, Facebook, Twitter, events, DVDs, music CDs, coffee table books, banners, and gifts such as custom-designed organic towels and bags crafted from reclaimed seatbelts.


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