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brand narrative

Oz is a mixed-use urban district just west of Ft. Lauderdale; a place to live, work, and entertain that is rooted in sustainability and rich with economic, cultural and social impact. Articulate refined the message commune with nature' with a distinct voice with character 'take-pride in our community and planet', attitude 'time-out' and tone ' a new kind of urbanism that recaptures the true essence of neighborhood'.




brand positioning

To create the essence of a unique, credible brand, Articulate started with
the story, 'creating a sustainable community' around the culture of
New York and the climate of tropical Florida. This story evolved from a dream of sustainable community and a promise of what the first sustainable city America could deliver to its community.



brand identity

Articulate worked with Digital Kitchen NY to translate the essence and
credibility of the brand -- to a visual and aural brand - a palette of
color, texture, shapes, sounds and touch to communicate Oz’s new urbanism. This includes a community designed with universal access to public spaces; equal attention paid to pedestrians and cars; minimized urban sprawl; reduced traffic; the provision of educational opportunities for neighboring communities; and other principles of superior, community-minded development.


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