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michelle kaufmann

Clean and green: Michelle Kaufmann and her eponymous architectural design firm breathe these two words into everything they create. Making sustainable, healthy living available to more people is the critical goal at
Michelle Kaufmann Designs. Her modern home designs include non-toxic, low VOC paints, formaldehyde-free cabinetry, water-saving plumbing fixtures,
on-demand water heaters, efficient mechanical ventilation systems and the incorporation of Energy Star appliances and LEED accreditation upon request.


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lara miller

Chicago-based Lara Miller’s line of women’s wear uses sustainable fabrics and fibers, including 100% organic Swiss cotton, a soy organic cotton blend, and recycled cotton yarn (made from scraps of organic cotton t-shirts, broken down and re-spun into yarn). Every sweater is hand loomed. Miller is especially known for her FLIP designs which allow her sophisticated and fun pieces to be worn multiple ways.



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Sambazon creates juices, energy drinks, sorbet, supplements, smoothies from acai, a highly nutritious berry that fuels the economy of the ‘river people’
who live along the Brazilian Amazon River. Sambazon, several NGOs and local research institutions have formed The Sustainable Acai Project, which
continually works towards improving living conditions, enhancing educational
opportunities and promoting
forest conservation.



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pangea organics

Purveyors of ecocentric bodycare, Pangea’s mantra is always beneficial, never artificial’
for their organic, handcrafted,
Fair Trade and cruelty-free skin care products. Pangea’s molded fiber packaging is not only 100% green but also plant-able, embedded with seeds for medicinal herbs that can be
grown in a home garden.





stewart + brown

Husband and wife team Karen Stewart and Howard Brown team up at their Southern California studio to create ethical fashions utilizing sustainable fibers like hemp, linen, lyocell (a by-product of trees) and organic cotton. Their luxury sweaters are made from cashmere that is hand-harvested, spun and knit in outer Mongolia, where their business supports the local environment and nomadic culture.




lexus hybrid living

Articulate created the Lexus Hybrid Living DVD to bring the brand to life with visually arresting video and motion graphics. The DVD captures the key messages and components of the brand platform through the stories from eco visionaries such as sustainable furniture designer Kenneth Cobonpue and organic linen purveyor Coyuchi.